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General Clarification Statement

General Announcement


As MANAS Enerji Yönetim Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ (“MANAS Enerji Yönetim” or the “Company”) we would like to inform and enlighten you about our personal data processing activities in accordance with Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (''PDPL'')

1. Data Controller and Representative

Pursuant to the PDPL, as MANAS Energy Management, acting as data controller, we may process, save, store, classify, update your personal data whitin the scope of the purpose explaind below in accordance with the law and honesty rules and disclose/transfer to third parties where permitted by the legislation and/or limited to the purpose for which they are processed.

2. Purpose for Processing Your Personal Data

Your aforesaid personal data is processed in compliance with basic principles set forth in the PDPL in order to conduct operational activity processes of our company, our business relations and human resources processes, meet demands of persons, continue technical processes, ensure commercial security of the company and carry out our operations and kept safely in physical and electronic environment for an appropriate period for the purpose of processing. MANAS Energy Management acts in accordance with provisions set forth in all relevant legislation, especially the PDPL. Detailed information on the purposes of processing your personal data by our Company; You can access MANAS Energy Management's Personal Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy at www.manas.com.tr.

3. Transfer of Your Personal Data

Within the scope of purposes specified but not limited with, your personal data; in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in the PDPL and within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in the 8th and 9th articles of the PDPL ,may be transferred by MANAS Energy Management can be transferred to our business partners, shareholders, authorized public institutions and organizations, private individuals, companies that receive support services in order to carry out our activities, and independent audit companies within the framework of legal obligations and legal restrictions.

4. International Data Transfer

Your personal data may be transferred by MANAS Energy Management to only persons and entities located in announced countries with adequate protection to be determined by the Protection Board (“Board”) and to countries determined and announced not to have adequate protection provided that data controllers in Turkey and relevant foreign country commit an adequate protection in written and consent of the Board for relevant transfer can be obtained by receiving express consent in the light of principles set forth in the article 4(2) of the PDPL or in case of situations specified in the articles 5(2) and 6(3) and in accordance with the rules in the article 9 of the Law.

5. Collection Method and Legal Reason of Your Personal Data

Manas Energy collects your personal information through various channels, based on the above mentioned legal reasons in order to carry out our activities, improve the services we offer and carry out our commercial activities. In this context, your personal data can be processed and transferred by obtaining explicit consent in the light of the principles stipulated in Article 4(2) of the KVKK or without obtaining explicit consent in case of the existence of the situations stipulated in Articles 5(2) and 6(3).

6. Your Rights as a Relevant Person Pursuant to Article 11 of PDPL

As the data owner, you can send your requests regarding your rights to the address of ASO 1.OSB Anadolu Caddesi No 25 Sincan-Ankara by filling out and signing the form at www.manas.com.tr. MANAS Energy Management, depending on the nature of the request will conclude the request free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty (30) days at the latest. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, the fee wiil be determined by the Board and charged accordingly. The rights you have in accordance with Article 11 of PDPL are as follows:

  • Status of the processed personal data,
  • To request information on the processed personal data,
  • Learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose,
  • Access information about the transfer of personal data to 3rd parties
  • Request revison on the misinformation of the personal data
  • Request deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions provided in the Article 7
  • Pursuant to articles (d) and (e) request notifications on the transaction process, and on the transfer of data to 3rd parties
  • Objecting to a result against the person when processed dat is analyzed exclusively through automated systems,
  • Request compensation of the damage and loss arising from illegal processing of personal data.

*This Disclosure Statement (“Declaration”) was prepared on 27.12.2019. In case any amendment on the Declaration, effective date and content of this Statement shall be updated.

Data Controller Application Form

As the data owner, you can send your claims regarding your rights to the address of ASO 1.OSB Anadolu Caddesi No 25 Sincan-Ankara by filling out and signing the form at www.manas.com.tr.

Download Data Controller Application Form